I Love What I Do-Andrew Edition

Meet the future Head of Design at SolderWeld, Andrew!  

Andrew has been Team SolderWeld for a little over a year and there is not much that you can't expect from him.  Always willing to jump in and lend a hand, he can be found doing just about anything that is needed, and he loves that about his role. Truly a rare find, he likes to be the "Go-To-Guy".  New product labels?  No problem.  Customer has an urgent need?  On it!  Trash is overflowing?  Got it!! 

We love Andrew for his willingness to jump in and help out wherever is needed, but that is not to understand, how much we need him.  Technically, his title is Office Assistant, but if we had to write out that job description to include everything that he does, we are pretty sure we would need a lot of space...

When Andrew, is not holding down the fort at SolderWeld, he is studying Art and Design and he aspires to head up the design department here at SolderWeld and we are excited to see everything that he will do!  We have no doubt that there will be some bada** designs headed your way.  

He does squeeze in some free time, too.  He loves to ski (it's Utah...duh.), rock climb, and roller skate with his girlfriend, Abby.  

We don't know how he does it all, but we are so glad that he does.  


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    You imply that Andrew does a lot more than his company title. I have an old drawer pull for some well made Link Taylor furniture. It broke where the attachment screw secures the drawer pull to the drawer. I didn’t realize it could be “soldered”. I did consider using an epoxy on it but decided not to. It has been sitting inside the drawer for years until I discovered a few days ago that there was solder that could be used to repair it.

    The problem for me is that these solder materials are quite expensive for the tiny amount I will ever need. Consequently I’m looking for someone who has experience with the type of material you sell to repair the part. If I were to try to fix it I might botch the job and the drawer pull is no longer available. I’m not sure if Link Taylor even exists anymore but last time I checked they couldn’t replace the drawer pull with a new one.

    If doing small repair jobs is not part of Andrew’s job description can you refer me to a company that repairs parts like this (zinc castings) with your solder/weld materials?

    I contacted one of your competitors, muggyweld, but they only have DIYers as customers.

    Thanks for any suggestions or help on this.


  • Janelle Govan on

    I also enjoy doing my job Andrew.

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