I Love What I Do, Taylor Addition

We thought that it was time to get to know our team's stories, while we learn more about yours!  Everyone at SolderWeld loves what they do, and we want you to know who makes the SolderWeld world go 'round on a daily basis.  

What makes SolderWeld run?  Taylor.  Taylor makes SolderWeld run.  

Taylor would describe her position as the Office Manager, but we're not quite sure that title cuts it.  Taylor is the director.  She sits, in what we would describe, as the "Pivot Seat".  (A little background on that term...this is a title that was coined at a Thanksgiving dinner for the person responsible for passing all of the dishes in the middle of the table.  They never had a hot meal, by the way.)  This pretty much describes Taylor's job here at SolderWeld. She is the center point-person, reminding all of us of the bigger picture, as well and holding us on task with the day to day details. Details and numbers oriented, Taylor also describes herself as a "total nerd".  

"I love excel, numbers, reporting," Taylor.  Taylor holds a degree in Psychology and we think that explains a lot!  There are a lot of different personalities, mindsets, specialties, and disciplines on the SolderWeld team, and Taylor navigates all of us with grace!  When the unicorns are stampeding, Taylor gently (and sometimes not so gently) tugs the reigns.  


Outside of SolderWeld, Taylor is a wife and mom of  two boys.  She enjoys blowing off the numbers for art projects, hunting and camping with her family.  


Taylor has implemented new software and reporting programs to continue to support and grow SolderWeld's footprint around the world. 

She knows with the pace of growth SolderWeld is experiencing , there is always a chance that something could fall through the cracks, so she is on top of everything.  We really don't know how she does it all.  All we can say for sure is, we are grateful to have her.  Taylor loves what she does, and it shows in her careful work, commitment, and unrelenting hard work!  Thank you, Taylor.   

We are glad you love what you do!






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