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 Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan!

We got you covered.  ETS Group is on the case of getting SolderWeld to your local shelves.  

Jeff Hutton and his team at ETS Group are hustling to get SolderWeld into your local shops and stores.  ETS and SolderWeld are very excited to continue building our relationship and we have a brand new focus on the territory!  

Very soon, you will find Alloy Sol, Al-Cop, Hot Block and all of your favorite SolderWeld products on local shelves! 

If you have a location where you would like to purchase SolderWeld, please continue to let us know!!  You can follow ETS on Instagram and Facebook and keep letting them know where you would like to see your SolderWeld! 

 If you are a shop owner and would like to stock SolderWeld products or if you know of a shop in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan territory, please reach out to ETS Group at 

(888) 898-0001