RACE REPORT - SolderWeld / Desert Vets Racing #1050 RZR

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The Pits
The Pure 200

What can we say about the Pure 200 race except amazing!! With the help from Craig Macintosh and the addition of Keith Thompson to the Desert Vets Racing team we were able to put more veterans in the car enjoying the dream. The team got to the pits early Friday and ready for pre-run. We had our title sponsor SolderWeld out to see what they are helping make possible for our nations hero's. With pre-running being the main goal for Friday we headed out as team to go take some notes. As we get to mile marker 10 the 1050 car takes a break to let the group catch up and all the sudden Mike and Zeke hear yelling from the distance and coming to a screeching halt is Lance driving a RZR 1000 with a grin from ear to ear! He was having a blast to say the least! The bad news was the 1066 car never made it out of the pits as they were having a wheel problem so we sent George and Warren back to the pits to get them fixed. They got everything squared away everybody was finally at mile marker 10. We decided the next break would be mile marker 25. We head back out and start taking the notes. It was Mike and Zeke in the 1050 car followed by Lance and Gabe in the RZR 1000. George and Warren stayed back with Keith and Don in the 1066 car. The 1050 car made it to mile marker 25 and were waiting for the other group to show, when they didn't we got on the phone to make sure they were alright. I guess Keith wanted to make sure the 1066 car could take a roll!! Everybody was okay and after that the tail group headed back to the pits so assess the damage to the 1066 car. The lead group went on with the pre-run and with Lance on our but we decided to go. Around mile marker 30 or so Zeke and Mike decided to take a break and see if Lance was still there. Lance and Gabe did not have GPS so we had lost them. Zeke got on the phone to make sure they were good and indeed they were, they were on the way back to the pits. The 1050 car finished up pre-run and everybody was now back at the pits after an eventful pre-run. As Mike and Zeke pull up George comes yelling "hey guess what we found" the camo hood we lost during the last race. So it felt like things were clicking and everything just felt right. After the pre-run we got the 1050 & 1066 gas upped and gave them a once over for the race the next day. 1066 needed some love to get it ready after its tumble. The team "mom" Tami had her homemade pasta going for the crew and let's just say some guys had a food Acoma. After dinner the team kicked backed and threw down some frostys as we shared stories and got to know each other better. Veterans and active duty could have never met each other before but when they do it feels like they have been around for a lifetime. So as the night went on we solidified that bond.

The Pure 200 was upon us and Mike had the great idea to wake up the camp with the car siren. Some found it funny some didn't!! As tech was going down you could see the crew getting serious and ready to do business. The cars were ready, we were ready! We head to the drivers meeting as a group and that's when the butterfly's start flying! Everybody was getting suited up and ready to jump in the cars.
The 1066 car was first of the line followed by 1077 and then the 1050 car. The green flag drops and we are off. Now the 1066 car is a Polaris RZR 900 non xp! Keith gave that car everything he could throw at it and it took it like a champ! They had a smooth race with one tip over in corner but they flipped it back on 4 wheels and kept chugging along. After the roll they didn't have any other problems and were able to finish the race on the 4th lap as the leader had completed his last lap. What a commendable finish Keith had navigating the RZR around an intense 40-mile loop. Shows what heart and dedication can make possible.
As for the 1077 car of Macintosh Racing they had a pretty uneventful race which is a good thing!! They also were able to earn that finisher pin! The 1050 car was on a mission to get a good overall spot.  After the flag drops they made some good passes and cathing the lead pack when snap, the belt blew to pieces. Zeke and Mike got the belt chagnegd within minutes just to see the passes we made come flying by! Not an issue, as they get back in the car and regain those passes things start clicking and they are moving!! 9 miles from the finish they break another belt. Something must be going on so they decided to run the car with no clutch cover on because the belts were not cooling down. As they come into the first pit CLS Racing made sure the clutch was good zip tied a few more belts in the car and sent them on their way. After that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the race. Mike and Zeke turned the car over to George and AL on the third lap and handed them a solid car!! George and Al killed it for the rest of the race and brought the car home for a 1st in class and 9th overall finish.

Very Respectfully,

Michael Pascarella, JSSA Avionics CM/DM Specialist 

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