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You just bring the heat...we got the rest covered! Everything you need for that fix, in one easy to carry kit!! Your day just got a whole lot easier...

The kit comes in two varieties, includes your choice of Sil Sol 5% (Silver Phosphorus Brazing Rods) or Sil Sol 15% (Silver Phosphorus Brazing Rods). It also includes, what we like to call, “The Game Changer”. The Brand New, nothing like it on the market, Al-Cop Rod. This product is exclusively available in the HVAC All-In-One Kit, and once you work with it, you will never look back!*


2 Kits Available!

Kit includes:

Alloy Sol/Flux

Al-Cop Braze

Sil-Sol 56%

Sil-Sol (5% or 15%)

Wire Brush

Watertight Canister


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