SolderWeld Supports Fundraiser

Your donation will help support the Hope Lodge in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We will be collecting donations for the entire month of October and all proceeds from your selection will be donated to the Hope Lodge.  

The Hope Lodge Program provides safe, comfortable, and convenient lodging for people that need to travel for their cancer treatment. 



Lance Robinson – SolderWeld, Inc CEO

"In all the research I have done to find the right foundation to give our donations, I continually felt concerned about how our donations were being used and if they were truly benefiting the cancer patients. I don't know if we will ever find a cure for cancer, but I do know that there are thousands of cancer patients that are not prepared financially and need help while undergoing treatment. 

We lost my Mother to breast cancer in January of 2017 and this was the hardest event in my life to deal with and cope with.  It still hurts today to think about and struggle with understanding why this happened. Why was she was taken from us so early in life?  My mother was an amazing woman, she felt strongly that all patients undergoing treatments for Cancer should feel secure, loved and taken care of while dealing with this awful disease.

The Hope Lodge of Salt Lake City is that location.  Providing all cancer patients in need a "Home away from Home" and safe refuge free of charge and full of loving staff and caring support while they undergo their treatment.  Please help and join me to support this facility with our loving donations so we can help patients feel cared for and battle the most important battle of their lives without concern or stress of how to pay for it."