Flame Resistant Magnetic Blanket

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The SolderWeld Magnetic Flame Resistant Blanket contains firm

grip magnets, grommets, and opening slit,  so it can be

easily snapped into place and removed during your repair.  


  • Powerful magnets
  • Strong, reinforced grommets
  • Kevlar reinforced stitching
  • Convenient slit for wrapping repair sites

The Flame Resistant Blanket was designed to accommodate complex spaces. 

*Note: the Flame Resistant blanket, is not fire-proof. Because it

does not contain asbestos, it will scorch and burn through under

direct flame.  Your flame should be 4-5" away from direct contact

with the blanket.  We recommend using a cooling gel or spray

 on the blanket when there is a chance of direct flame contact or extensive

heat exposure in tight spaces.

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