An Exciting Night for SolderWeld

What a tremendous honor! 

MEDCO is the largest tool distributor in the United States, supplying thousands of whole sale auto parts stores as well as the mobile SnapOn trucks.

We were very excited when we were invited to attend the show and showcase the our unique (and totally badass) products.  However, that was only the beginning of an incredible experience for us.  SolderWeld was recognized as the "Best New Product"  of 2018 at the Nationwide Customer Appreciate Show!

You will now be able to locate our products in thousands of parts stores across the U.S.  

We are so grateful for the recognition!!  We knew these products were next level, we just wanted to make sure everyone else did too!  We, also, can now celebrate that the availability of products like Hot Block, Alloy Sol and Multi Sol will be much more accessible to more of our customers.

Thank you, again for the prestigious award!  

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