I Love What I Do-Marni Addition

There are not too many things that can bring someone out of retirement, but combine a dedicated, firecracker of a human and a passionate, family-owned and operated organization...the magic happens

You will know Marni.  We don't think you might, we know you will.  Marni started out as SolderWeld, much as most of us did, by doing everything and anything that was needed. 

Marni was introduced to the SolderWeld team a few years ago and was intrigued by the spirit and culture of the company.  She is a business owner herself, and it is just in her nature to jump in and help wherever and whenever she can.  

Marni understands the challenges of rapidly growing business, and couldn't help but jump into the excitement.  And we are so glad that she did. 

Marni's official title is a Relationship Liaison and will be taking point on all things 'relationship'.  SolderWeld has built it's reputation on personalized interaction and accessibility; that is something that is just a part of who we are.  Our team is extremely committed to always making sure we pick up the phone, answer the message, respond to the post, respond to the email, among other things.  Marni is here to make sure that we continue to nurture the relationships that are at the heart of everything we do, while continuing to build new ones.  

When Marni is not keeping us all on the rails here, she spends her time enjoying the outdoors.  She has been married for almost 28 (!) years loves hanging with her grandchildren.  She is writing a book and is involved with charitable organizations supporting those suffering from mental illness.  (Anyone else feel lazy?)

I think it's fair to say, she's a superhero.  Now, we are lucky to be able to call her a SolderWeld Superhero!

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